A New Era

2017 brought with it a slew of excitement, horrors, and the peculiar. Though the times we live in may seem uncertain, we take solace in that tomorrow, January 1st 2018 is a new day. It is a blank slate from which we can begin a new, and a new era in which to enter.



Da coconut

Hawaii loves to laugh! We are a melting pot of every culture on the planet and like everywhere else on Earth, we laugh at ourselves the most.

Pidgin is the local language that developed when so many different cultures lived and worked together back in the plantation days. Spelling in pidgin is by the sound, nothing like your traditional English grammar. Looks like this…

How are you today?

Howzit brah?

Ke kai leo nui o Mokoli’i

Ke kai leo nui o Mokoli’i. The sea of Mokoli’i (known as Chinaman’s Hat) is said to roar. This small island is said to have once been a reptile that Hi’iaka stuck into the sea, head down and tail up.

-Mary Kawaena Pukui ‘Ōlelo No’eau