Trouble in Paradise

Suburban living in Hawai’i is probably the same everywhere else on the planet. At the moment, I’m in the middle of a partial kitchen remodel. A refrigerator water line leak has flooded a couple of my overpriced kitchen cabinets and now the only solution is to rip them out and replace or rebuild something new.

But alas, tis always easier said than done…


Ants, Cockroaches and Spiders, Ewww!

During demolition I discovered a new infestation of ants and some scary cockroaches and spiders lurking beneath the wet cabinets as I started to demolition them. Ewwww!!! Gross!!! As if moldy wet cabinets wasn’t enough. Even worse was the discovery of termites eating the support wood pieces for my heavy porcelain sink.

Inspiration for a new design calls for open simple shelves and very little hiding spaces for insects. Of course, It all has to be built with treated lumber to slow the termites down from eating my entire house. Living in a tropical environment, I know I can’t escape bugs, but I prefer they live outside and refuse to make it easy for them to find a safe harbor indoors.

The Remodel

I will update this post later with photos, when it’s all complete and hopefully pretty. For now, the only image I have is of wet and very gross moldy looking cabinets, and even I don’t want to see that.

HPD says Be Quiet!

According to my Honolulu Police department friends, the noise ordinance restricts loud noises after 8pm, so no more hammering and sawing for me tonight. I’m exhausted anyway. I also like my quiet neighbors and want to keep them happy.

Give Aloha and Keep the Peace

Always be kind to your neighbors, because you know they see everything you do. I give mine gifts at Christmas.

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