How to Win Your Next Party. Hint: It’s Cake

The Usual Suspects

There is always a potluck party on my calendar. Hawaii parties are usually low key events, with a vast array of multi ethnic foods commingling together perfectly on a paper plate. Figuring out what to bring really depends on the party crowd and or theme.

Some ideas from recent parties. At my most recent event, I had whipped up a big batch of salsa (inspired by a trip to California and a craving for good Mexican food) and wanted to go the extra step with freshly made tortilla chips. Unfortunately the chips disappeared faster than they could be fried up, there were just too many hungry taste testers lingering in my kitchen. So I whipped up a quick batch of cookies and made it out the door to my party with a little over half the batch before the taste testers could catch up with me. My favorite chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies will be a must for the food column.

Taking The Win

Anyway, at this party, a Iilikoi cake stole the show, it was delicious! I will add my Aunt BJ’s lilkoi curd soon. Just need a good occasion to encourage me to make it. It makes a fabulous gift for friends and you can use it for cakes, pies, toast, ice cream, the list goes on. Anyway, back to the party, someone always brings chicken, there was batter fried spicy buffalo chicken, and there was smoked salmon with a fancy goat cheese on crackers, egg rolls, kale salad, lots more desserts, wine, beer, mixed drinks and so much more. I’m feeling full again, just thinking about it.

More ideas, at my potluck Christmas feast I baked ham, and my mother made the best roast so far, my aunt made fried shrimp tempura, my cousin didn’t bring his wife’s awesome kim chee fried rice (I will get this recipe) so regular white rice had to fill in. My brother bought crispy gau gee and cake noodles from the Chinese restaurant in town and my uncle bought a sushi platter. Of course there was lots of dessert, lilkoi and peach pie was a favorite followed by coconut cake, and cheesecake. Apple pie was untouched, but everyone took home full plates of leftover food.

What I’ve Learned

When you are in a hurry, picking up something is easiest. I’m always looking to bring something different. Hopefully we will have the food section filled with tons of yummy food so you can have a delicious mixed plate of Hawaii inspired favorites at your next party.

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