The Here, the Now, and the Tomorrow

First, Some Thanks

Over the years, Hawaii Zen has continuously evolved. From the early days of being a personal blog, to later a historical one, to a photo gallery, to eventually a magazine today. As of now, we’re choosing to provide content on everything from the much beloved ‘hawaiian’ lifestyle, to technology, to opinion, and yes, to even satire, under our new ‘Da Coconut’ column.

We’d like to extend a mahalo to everyone whose stuck with us through the years, and invite everyone else to enjoy the ride as we continue our evolution. Join us after the jump to learn more.

The Now

On the about page,  each column has been defined, but I’ll elaborate here too.


On the Latest page you’ll find the most recent posts from every column.


For our Food column, we’re not gonna just focus on the best places to eat, but everything in between. From Cooking local favorites, to creating video essays on some of the most interesting Hawaii chefs around. Here you can expect a little bit of everything, enjoying every bite.


For our Technology column, we’re going to be looking at the latest and greatest from the top tech companies around the globe. Be it the latest iDevice,  cases,  apps,  or even cameras. If we think it’s cool, we’re gonna talk about it here.


Under the Adventure column, we’re going to be diving in to anything from the best local destinations, to the most exciting adventures to be had around the world. Be it the black sand beaches of Hilo, HI to the city life of Tokyo, Japan. If you can dream, you’ll find it here.


The Notes column is going to be the personal blog of our editors and writers as they document the little things in their daily lives. Catch up with any of us here.

History & Legends

The Historical column is going to focus primarily on Hawaiian history, legends, and even interesting facts. If you care to find the past, you’ll be pleased to find it here. 


The Lifestyle column is going to look at everything from Hawaii life, to arts and crafts, to DIY, to well, just about everything. If it’s fun, interesting, and entertaining, we’re gonna discuss it here.


The Opinion column is going to be, well, just that; Opinions. Here we’ll feature prominent community members, discuss local affairs, and let you in on the controversial happenings of Hawaii. If you like drama, politics, and some theatre, you’ll be happy to find some of it here.

Da Coconut

Sometimes, even in Hawaii Nei, life can be one challenge. So in Da Coconut we like share some local kine laughs. Cuz, livin on an island in da middle of da ocean, is same like living on da mainland. We all gotta work, and pay da bills, because we all like eat plenty kine and have fun when we can. We jus lucky fo live on an island dat has good kine weather, most of da time. So surfs up brah! Cheehoo!

The Tomorrow

Today, is a magazine, tomorrow, well, we hope it’s still a magazine, but more. In the future we plan to offer everything from artist designed clothes, products, and prints. Even more, giveaways, events, and the occasional free ticket to paradise.


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