Maui Lifts the Sky

The god Maui, a child of supernatural parents, was born human, but was endowed with supernatural gifts of his own. Maui had the power to be invisible, or transform into any animal. He was incredibly strong and brave and he would often help others in need. Unfortunately, when he wasn’t doing anything good, he was quite often up to no good, and found it fun to play tricks on others. Of course, kolohe (naughty) behavior was frowned upon and would often get him into lots of trouble with his family.

It has been told, that Maui grew up in a dark world, where the sky sat low on the ground, so low people had to crawl as to not bump into the sky. Being dark all the time, meant less time to play tricks and have fun. One day, Maui set out to explore the caves around his home and wandered through a forest where the trees had pushed the sky up high enough he could almost stand without bumping his head on the clouds. He continued further and came upon a small thatched hale (house) where an old woman stood outside. Maui, called to her, “Hello.” She didn’t respond, but Maui continued his approach until he stood in front of her. Continue reading “Maui Lifts the Sky”

The Amount of Plastic in the Water is Too Damn High

Sun, Surf, Plastic

The winter storms have brought plastic debris and rubbish scattered on every beautiful beach in Hawaii. Out on the ocean, dodging chunks of trash while trying to catch a wave is enough to flip your OC-1 (one man canoe) or dent your paddle. You grab what you can if you can tow it back to shore. The six man outrigger paddlers are always picking up trash in the ocean.

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Trouble in Paradise

Suburban living in Hawai’i is probably the same everywhere else on the planet. At the moment, I’m in the middle of a partial kitchen remodel. A refrigerator water line leak has flooded a couple of my overpriced kitchen cabinets and now the only solution is to rip them out and replace or rebuild something new.

But alas, tis always easier said than done…

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The Here, the Now, and the Tomorrow

First, Some Thanks

Over the years, Hawaii Zen has continuously evolved. From the early days of being a personal blog, to later a historical one, to a photo gallery, to eventually a magazine today. As of now, we’re choosing to provide content on everything from the much beloved ‘hawaiian’ lifestyle, to technology, to opinion, and yes, to even satire, under our new ‘Da Coconut’ column.

We’d like to extend a mahalo to everyone whose stuck with us through the years, and invite everyone else to enjoy the ride as we continue our evolution. Join us after the jump to learn more.

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The Notes

Hey, this is the ideas place. Stories we might like to do, or current news that might be relevant to the zen of our little site. And just stuff we think is cool. Or something like that.

Ono Kine Grindz

Hawaii loves to eat! Join us for recipes, and some of our favorite places to eat.  Upcoming recipes- my favorite Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookies, and my Macadamia Nut Banana Bread. For my aunt in California, I will test a few Coconut Cake recipes to recreate an awesome Hawaii local favorite. Haupia, Andagi, and Malasadas are too good to miss.